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My name is Dmitry Kotenko, I am a practitioner of analytical psychology, harnessing the profound methodologies espoused by the esteemed Swiss psychotherapist, Carl Gustav Jung. In this realm of psychological inquiry, great reverence is accorded to the realm of imagery, for it is through this ethereal medium that the soul whispers its truths.

May I now unveil my cherished emblem – the bridge, an edifice gracefully uniting the dual shores of our existence. To me, it stands as an exquisite metaphor for the therapeutic odyssey, wherein the sorcery of metamorphosis transmutes the scars of trauma and the intricacies of complexes. What appears, at first glance, to segregate the delicate fabric of the psyche may, in essence, serve as the bedrock upon which one's unity and serenity are artfully rekindled.

In the realm of my therapeutic endeavors, I am privy to the profound alchemy wherein internal paradoxes within an individual undergo transformative metamorphoses, weaving threads of healing between disparate fragments of the psyche. Bridges, in their enigmatic splendor, facilitate the harmonious rendezvous of divergent selves.

This sacred endeavor assumes heightened significance within the hallowed sanctum of the therapeutic domain: the bridge that elegantly unfurls within the confines of the psychologist's chamber engenders an ardent quest for self-discovery, imbuing intrepid voyagers with the audacity to navigate the intricate realms of their soul, hitherto ensnared in the enigmatic web of past wounds. Bridges bestow upon the intrepid seekers the courage to transcend impasses and, with resplendent wings unfurled, ascend to the summit of creative liberation.

As the tapestry of my existence unfurls, I find myself perpetually astounded by the iridescent tapestry of each human spirit, and the wondrous trajectory of every individual's spiritual sojourn. It is an honor and a privilege to accompany these souls along their sacred pilgrimage, an endeavor that kindles within my being a deep sense of stewardship, reverence, and, at times, boundless jubilation.

I extend my profound gratitude for your gracious attention and unwavering trust.

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Dmitry Kotenko
Moscow, metro Polyanka
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